Telecom and datacom facilities have emerged as the factories of today's information age. Within these factories, tens of thousands or even millions of fiber optic interconnects transport digital data between massive numbers of high-speed switches, routers, servers and storage devices. The management and maintenance of these complex networks, including the high bandwidth optical interconnects linking these devices, requires manual and labor intensive processes.

Automated, software driven physical layer management solutions are essential to achieve efficient and reliable network operations, especially as networks increase in complexity. To address these challenges, Telescent offers software-defined cross-connect systems that achieve an unprecedented level of performance and software control.

The key element of Telescent's Gen3 1008 port NTM is an advanced robotic system which routes physical fiber interconnects in a fully non-blocking by implementing the unique Knots, Braids, Strands (KBS) routing algorithm. This system enables physical layer automation and virtualization within a wide range of network applications, including data centers, collocation facilities, FTTx, long haul, metro and access networks, and wireless backhaul. Fiber optic connections between network devices are automatically reconfigured, monitored and mapped by this unique system.

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